Safety & Loss Control Center


MidSouth Mutual Insurance understands the importance of safety in the workplace in protecting the health and well-being of employees. To assist in this effort, the company provides a range of publications, resources and consultative support to help companies develop strong safety practices and create a culture of safety. This page serves as a gateway to these resources. Please be sure to review the page for materials available to you. 

MidSouth Mutual Safety & Loss Control Center

MidSouth Mutual Insurance offers clients a sophisticated Safety & Loss Control Center that provides members with frequently updated materials including:  

  • Safety Publications

  • Safety Training Materials For Supervisors

  • Safety Handouts For Employees

  • Safety Videos

To access the Safety & Loss Control center, please click on the link below.

MidSouth Mutual Safety & Loss Control Center 

Ask an Expert

If you are unsure about a safety & loss control compliance issue or if you need assistance addressing a safety issue, please click on the link below to ask your question. A MidSouth Mutual Safety Consultant will contact you within 24 hours to respond to your question.

Ask an Expert - Click Here

If you have an immediate concern, please telephone MidSouth and ask to speak with a Safety Consultant.

Other Resources

Pocket Guide To Preventable Accidents – Click on the link below to request a copy of this quick reference guide for employers to use at the worksite.

Request A Copy of The MidSouth Mutual Guide To Preventable Accidents

I would like to express how valuable working with Bryan Dennis and MidSouth Mutual has been over the past 14 years. Bryan and I have shared a mutual goal to continually improve the safety program at LoJac. He has performed countless training sessions in all areas of loss control and safety management. He keeps me informed as to the type losses that have occurred and presents solutions to mitigate exposure to future losses.

Bryan is welcome at any of our plants or job sites at any time and I consider him to be a very valuable part of my safety program here at LoJac. I have always said that a different set of eyes on the jobs or at the plants may uncover a safety problem that has gone unnoticed, Bryan has been those eyes for me. I consider him to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable and hope to continue my relationship with Bryan and MidSouth Mutual for many years to come.
— Danny Zoccola, Safety Director, LoJac Companies